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Custom Tracking Antennas

From deep space satellite tracking antennas to more mobile telemetry or video transmitting stations, we do offer a wide range of customized products for your needs. Our line of antennas can be augmented with various peripherals and sub-systems such as Telemetry Transmitters, Amplifiers & Boosters, Multiplexers and huge variety of other Data Acquisition Systems.

We Provide

Customized Mobile Antennas

You want to have your customized WTW tracking antenna integrated into a vessel, a van or have it installed on a trailer or mobile cabin. Perfect – this is what we’ve been doing for more than 40 years.      Our mobile tracking antennas can be completed with various peripherals and sub-systems such as Data Distribution Systems, Flight Radar Transponders, Flight Termination Systems, ADS-B, FLARM or Mode-S Receiver and many more…


Dual Axis Pedestals

WTW develops, builds and delivers a huge range of antenna pedestals according to your specs, so that you can completely focus on your main application. We build pedestals weighing up to 600 pounds, usually made for large antennas, telescopes, laser ranging equipment and any other sort of microwave radio relay or directional radio link you require for your application.

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Telescope Mounts

Especially in the field of satellite laser ranging, our highly customized telescope mounts support exciting missions all over the globe. The absolute encoders are directly connected to the motors and provide very high accuracy. For unlimited rotation in azimuth we are using a slipring assembly.

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You need customized software and GUI interfaces for your tracking application?. Then you are in the right hands with WTW. Our web-based software runs inside each of our auto tracking antennas. That means you don’t need any extra software to install and you don’t need any extra hardware like an external Antenna Control Unit (ACU). Our software can work together with various peripherals and sub-systems such as MLAT Solutions, GPS Tracking Units, Telemetry Receivers, Tracking Receivers, Video tracking systems, Air Traffic Observation Systems, Air Traffic Control Systems (ATC) or Unmanned Traffic Management Systems (UTM) just to name the most important ones.

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The WTW Autotracking Antenna line can be complimented with various peripherals and sub-systems such as Encoders, UAS Remote Identification, Counter Drone Solutions or Drone Detection Systems.

Another device that we can customize to your needs is the WTW-Joystick which is a combination of Ethernet joystick and remote controller. Via the WTW joystick the antenna settings can be pre-configured by way of the touch display, and all important parameters and modes can be displayed and controlled.