WTW Autotracking Antennas are developed and manufactured with latest technologies . Only premium design principles and compomentes will make it into our lines of products.

Our systems are controlled over IP /Ethernet based on an integreated, industrial and powerful single-board computer. The web based GUI is designed for easy control of the antenna and to show the status of the Setup. Tracking Modes are Autotrack, Slavetrack, Trajectory Track, GPS Track and Manual Track. For extend visual line of sight applications the system is equipped with a compact and powerfull HD camera incorporating a 30x optical zoom of 30x and a 12x digital zoom of 12x. One of our main differentiators is our experience and ability in so called non-cooperative tracking. Which makes us attractive for mission critical scenarios.

Optional integrated batteries enables you let the the antennas run for up to 16 hours without external power. Also a hybrid version with a diesel powered generator set is available to extend the runtime up to days without external power.


WTW-LSC-20-iNET, a portable, mobile dual axis Autotracking Antenna for the L-, S- and C-Band.
This portable light weight Autotracking Antenna for mobile und stationary applications is perfect for drone (UAV), missile and general flight tests where a bidirectional link is needed.

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Light weight, Dual Channel RX Trajectory and Program Tracking Antenna for mobile application. The antenna system is powered over 85-265VAC and controlled via High Speed Ethernet. The integrated Camera has a 30x optical Zoom and is controlled over the GigE port of the antenna.

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WTW-26 dual axis

Mobile Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) System. Equipped with direct drives in both axis
having a rated torque of 100 Nm in both axis and a peak torque of 250 Nm is able to carry a payload of up to 150 kg. The Pointing Accuracy is better than 2 µrad with blind pointing at 20 µrad.

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Compact portable, mobile dual axis MIMO Tracking Antenna. Ideally suited for UAV & UAS missions (drones) or missile and general flight testing applications requiring a bidirectional link. The adapted additional MIMO Radio, enables a bidirectional link in S-Band – other bands on request.

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